Traci Loftis, Realtor

Traci Loftis comes from a diverse background including traditional real estate sales, tech platforms, auctions, logistics, and team management. She started while at university working with some of the top real estate teams in Kansas and went on to co-found Real Estate Auction Partners all before the age of 30.

Real Estate Auction Partners was the first real estate auction firm allowing for internet only real estate auctions; offering innovative marketing platforms and exposing properties internationally while maximizing customer returns. As founder of Real Estate Auction Partners, she was nominated to the board of directors for the state Association of Realtors and elected to board of directors for the local Association of Realtors. She attained President’s Club status in her first year of sales. Known for her love of technology, she finally followed her dreams and re-located to Silicon Valley in January of 2012.

Traci is a proud member of Reali. Like Traci, the team is built upon high standards and a firm dedication to the clients they represent.

Traci understands that ultimately, a home is much more than four walls. A home is the environment we live in, and it is also our environment.

Her support for the local community continues to expand into new areas of conservation and service. She is a nature lover at heart, and runs barefoot along the Bay trail with her dog Joey every day. She also loves kitesurfing on the beautiful San Francisco Bay as often as possible. #OnTheBayAllDay 

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